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Saturday, 31 October 2009

A painful truth

Business resulted in me having to cross the water and camp out in the states for a while. Once I gathered my bearings I came across an English pub and thought I'd take a time out and watch this Spurs side that apparently is 'in the same league' as Arsenal. Did we not just lose to Stoke or had I misread that score?

So being in the same league I was expecting a competitive game of football to be played. For 40 minutes I felt I was given that. We cancelled them out well, shut down the short passing game that seems to irritate most teams the Arse play, and before we knew it, a reminisced frustration seemed to begin to kick back up from last year. At one point I thought I was about to smile and, in all truth, we would have taken a 4-4 from the start. Then reality hit hard.

Without Lennon, Defoe and Modric this game was always going to be like climbing Everest.. twice. We looked disciplined and well set out before Van Persie found a way past the impressive Gomes. From then we did in fact 'die'.

Once again silly mistakes have cost us goals. Before we knew it we were picking the ball out of the net, twice. Champions league? I'm sorry, but we will not get into the Champions league conceding goals of such a manner that maybe even Mrs Redknapp could've defended.

Concentration and discipline has to be maintained for 90 minutes not 40. Although you would've forgiven anyway who labelled us 'comeback kings' keeping clean sheets is vital.

It hurts, but we are not Champions League just yet. Losing to Arsenal and another CB injured, same old story really isn't it? Thoughts on the game welcome.