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Thursday, 8 October 2009

Do we need Muntari?

I'm sure you are all very much aware of the 'talks' taking place between Inter and ourselves over the possible transfer of former seasider Sully Muntari. Another one of Harry's old favourites.

We all know how dynamic and influential the boy was at Pompey, but yet I continue to struggle to seek how he'd fit into the first eleven. The signing of Niko Kranjcar, who is said to not be a replacement for Modric, has looked bright in his handful of games for us.

In terms of Niko; there is no place for him on the bench, the Croat's surely got to be starting most games even when Luka returns. I'm sure Jenas may be expecting to take the hit anytime soon.

I can't see Muntari joining us just to stay warmed on the bench. The player is far to good for this to occur but where will he play for us?

Lennon, Wilson, Modric and Niko will surely be the starting midfield.

Do we need Muntari? Probably not, good back-up player though.