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Sunday, 18 October 2009

The infamous Beach Ball speaks out!

You've all seen it and we've all had a laugh. Too bad Rafa or any of the Kop couldn't see the funny side, maybe it's because Liverpool have now lost half of their games this year. Premier League? Your havin' a laugh.

I'm sure the fan that caused the wide spread controversy has had the back of his head clipped a couple of times and some very nasty letters have come through the post. I know I'd send a strongly worded letter of disapproval to the fan if Bent had scored that against us, and after I'd found out who the bloke is as well.

But anyway, I was flicking through the back pages of the NOTW this cold morning and came across what you may consider a 'unique' article and thought it may provide an interesting 2 minute read. So here it is below...

The title read: I was so pumped.
"After diverting Darren Bent's shot into his own net, the red Liverpool beach ball admitted: 'I feel a bit deflated and I think I may have blown our title chances. I've never felt as flat as this since I suffered a puncture on Southport beach. Someone told me afterwards that I have become the first beach ball to score in the North East since Mick Quinn but I'm still not happy. I was really pumped up for this game but when the goal went in I just wanted to bury my head in the sand.'

To make matters worse, Sunderland boss Steve Bruce named the beach ball as Man Of The Match. The ball added: 'I was really floating when I got the chance to go on the pitch but now all that talk of Liverpool winning the title looks like hot air. But there is an up-side to all this. After the game my agent rang to say City have made a £30m bid for me.'"

I must admit. I did chuckle once or twice.

On a more important note, well done to the boys yesterday. It was never going to be an easy game in Portsmouth but we played well with a touch of luck and grounded out the win. Now to get Jermain's ban overturned, somehow..