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Friday, 16 October 2009

Luka set to return?

Portsmouth in Fratton tomorrow, on paper this should be and easy three points. In reality, yeah, it should also be a win in the south coast as well. In truth, it should be all smiles at Spurs lodge with Ledley and Daws available tomorrow and Jonny coming through a reserves game 'unscratched.' Good, finally.

But then the Honduran Government had to make things awkward. It seems as though ironically as it sounds, Sgt. Wilson has been told, in a nut shell, that he must party. The military junta has told he must attend a World Cup celebration so will not be in Portsmouth. That's a bugger.

That's a bad blow. Although, I do seem to recall Spurs saying that our Croatian maestro Luka Modric was intended to make his comeback tomorrow. Spurs report that he and Gio will 'continue rehabilitation.' I'm guessing that's a no to tomorrow then.

So, anyone who reckons they're''in the know' on the whole situation I ask you one thing. Any guesses as to how long until he will return?