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Sunday, 16 August 2009

My report: Spurs 2 - 1 Liverpool

A warm day in North London saw everyone's eyes on the front two combination. With Harry deciding to go with Robbie and Jermaine up top. Defoe played well for England, and Robbie seemingly isn't allowed to start next to the regulars on the bench, so unless we were to play three up front, it made sense.

We started off typically Tottenham, a lot of energy but fairly sloppy in possession. Lennon, Modric and Hudd illustrating moments of good football- but that was to be expected.

Robbie continued his usual role that consisted of a lot of pointing, shouting and arm waving. The lad has a point to prove and chucking away three decent opportunities won't help him, or Spurs.

BAE popped up with a thunderbolt from nowhere scoring his first goal for Tottenham from 30- odd yards. Robbie's chances were suddenly forgotten, by most. My word though, hell of a strike from the left back after a poor Tommy free kick.

Liverpool looked very quiet. Torres nowhere. Gerrard anonymous and Bassong looking very solid with King. But still tho, 1-0 up at the break and looking good value for it even though, in truth, it should've been at the least double that.

The second half saw reality hit us, and bleedin' hard as well. A combination of poor defending and a Johnson run saw the former south-coaster brought down by Gomes with Gerrard smashing in the equaliser from the spot. Luck, that would best describe Liverpool's equaliser.

Sebastien Bassong, what a signing this boy has been. Another set piece saw Modric stick in a pin point cross for Bassong to out jump both Johnson and Jamie to head in the resulting winner on his debut. Justice, justice and more justice.

Palacios ran riot and bossed the midfield. Lennon's build up, as usual, impressed and let's hope that final ball will come this season. A top, top performance from the boys today. The heads never went down and a very confident win from us.

A solid defence saw Torres and the rest kept quiet all game and a thoroughly deserved win. In truth we took advantage of a poor Liverpool side and played with the heart on the sleeve.

Let's just hope this can kick us up the league and for the first time in years, let's bloody stay there.



  1. But we need to finish of games like this and should have done so by half time. I would much rather see Pav start with JD and then put three metre Peter on late on when we have a lead or Keano if we need to grab a goal ot two back. Palacios is like waking up with Girls aloud fighting over who will suck your cock the hardest.

  2. Yeha, agreed. I was hoping to see Pav and JD start.. Pav socring for russia and olymp and JD scoring for England and Olymp, make sense wouldnt it.
    Love the palacios simile is well haha

  3. We won so does it matter that you would rather see Pav and JD

  4. When crouchy came on he looked alittle dazed and confused i think, have faith in Pav


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