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Thursday, 27 August 2009

Could it be third time lucky for Spurs?

Internacional midfield and reported 'wonder kid' Sandro is wanted by Redknapp. This is official. What seemed to be usual paper talk now seems to actually be fact. Minus our young prodigy of Aaron Lennon flying down that right hand side every week, Spurs have always seemed to struggle to acquire a 'wonder kid' that has fully benefited the first team. Most end up being overrated, under played and then shipped out to another club before the end of the season. Giovani and Adel seemed to flourish out on loan at Ipswich and QPR respectively. Typical, isn't it.

So how much do we know about this 20 year-old Brazilian? I don't know about many of you, but Brazilian football is not my expertise. Surprising, I know.
Although, the fact that we have a strong midfield, are unbeaten this season and yet Harry is reportedly willing to spend another £14m on another midfielder does illustrate one thing. This guy has got to be good. IMO anyway.

Do you know anything about the player? More importantly, how would he fit in to our midfield? This a midfield, for the first time in bleedin' ages, that is winning games consistently and playing very well as a unit.

This would be the third Brazilian outfield player to join us, the other two in Defendi and Gilberto were, in one word, shit. Let's hope this would be third time lucky for Spurs.



  1. A lot lot lot money for an unknowen but its Harry who is sanctioning this deal and lets face it he know`s a little about a good unknown coys !

  2. Gonna have to trust Harry on this one as many of us know nothing about Brazilian football. I've seen a few clips of the kid playing but then again, you'll never know how he performs till he steps onto the pitch in the Prem.


  3. Good to see us linked but the price seems a bit extortionate

    By all accounts hes a hell of a player,the type who tackels anythin what moves a la roy keane and him and palatial in the middle wud be destructive and sumthin we havent had for as long as i can remember

  4. Brazil Under-20s Captain, can't be that bad guys...

  5. Darren Caskey was Englands under 20 captain, Jonathen Blondel was belgiums answer to Glenn Hoddle, Acimovic was the eastern European Glenn Hoddle, Adel Taraabt is the young Zidane...i could go on hence why I am not getting over excited.


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