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Thursday, 11 June 2009

Looks like Zokora's staying put.. for the moment

Sevilla's interest in our powerful centre midfielder looks to have ended after Bordeaux have accepted an offer of around £7m for Alou Diarra. Sorry, was that only a million under what Spurs wanted for Zokora? Anyway, Sevilla have had a bid accepted for their second target despite only paying a million less- and I thought the value of money in football had deflated.

This shows that, for some clubs, the present financial meltdown is hitting them hard whilst, in some parts of the world (mainly Madrid) it is obvious that the recession is not affecting anybody to much. If Redknapp really was desperate to let Zokora go then I'm sure some negotiating from the Sevilla board would have taken place and then Redknapp may have been willing to take a marginal cut on the player signed a few seasons ago.

Anyway, to the day, no other reported parties are after our lively African. And, although his stay in London doesn't look likely to last until mid-August, Didier Zokora is still a Tottenham player, for another day.


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