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Saturday, 13 June 2009

Ashley's to young for Spurs

Ashley Young, great young prospect and future England star in the making. A year ago today you could stick David Bentley's name in place of Ashley's and their would be a sense of mutual agreement; his potential looked as though it could go beyond that of David Beckhams'. Now, he can't even make the England bench. In the past few season, Spurs have started off their season with poor results and were left to rot in the bottom half of the table at the start of the season. Since O'Neill took over at Villa, the Birmingham based club have been challenging for the European competitions and have never looked likely to be stuck fighting relegation.

So, my first point is that I would question why Ashley Young would even want to join us, even if Aston Villa made the biggest mistake in letting him speak to Tottenham. Let's be honest, to better Villa last season we'd have to finish in the Champions League- and that won't happen. To present, Spurs have ruined two of the brightest England prospects in that of Darren Bent and David Bentley- Jermain Defoe left at the right time and Mr. Lennon seems to have done alright as well.

Furthermore, this paper talk about us 'closing in' on Ashley Young is just not true. Only 2 weeks ago did Redknapp state that he was looking for 'three experienced players' at a cost of £30m; sorry, Ashley Young is hardly an experienced full England international, is he. So unless 'Arry was having us all on, he is not going for Villa's new best player.

We decided not to invest in Ashley 2 seasons ago, his loyalty to Villa and gratitude to Martin O'Neill for taking that 'huge' £9.75m gamble would be worth much more than that of an extra five thousand or so every week at a side that could end up in another relegation battle.

The lad would be silly to go, he's not an idiot.


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