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Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Giovani off to Spain, again

Giovani Dos Santos, what happened to this hot prospect? Within a year, Gio had finished off his last game for Barca by scoring a hat trick and then turned out in an Ipswich shirt, showing the world that his quality is way beyond that of the fizzy pop league. So what happened? When we snapped him up relatively cheap from Barca; he was a hotter prospect than the early Ronaldo of United, and Spurs fans were dreaming that we may actually force our presence into the Champions League, displacing the scum of South London.

So Gio, what went wrong? Our disappointing start to the season resulted in our new signings becoming scapegoats and the 'Ramos revolution' left us rotting at the foot of the Premier league with all 19 teams above us laughing. Although, Giovani never actually played a great deal for us- a number of injuries consequently resulted in him never turning out for us again for the remainder for the season, in the Premiership.

The issue was that, even when he was match fit by then, Harry had stumbled upon a winning team and wasn't ready prepared to take any risks with Tottenham's Premiership status still more fragile than a glass window. So, regrettably, you may say, Giovani Dos Santos has since never played a minute in the Premiership. More worries build for the boy as, Redknapp has already tried to ship him out once to Portsmouth underlining the fact that he is not a part of his plans.

Reports this morning are saying that Giovani is in talks about a possible loan move to Espanyol, with a buy-out class of a measly £5m. In Giovani's boots though, I would want to end this hell of a season with us and look to revive the promising career that never was at Spurs. As much as I hate to say it, Giovani should leave to protect his status as one of the most promising footballers to the day and to ensure that his ability doesn't founder any further.


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