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Wednesday, 6 April 2011


Wow. All that hope and optimism that flew to Spain with the thousands of Spurs fans seemed to depart the field of play when Crouchy did on 15 minutes; closely followed by a 'thanks for coming' from Mourinho. It was one of those 'everything that could've gone wrong, went wrong' days which began when Lennon failed to make the starting 11 and the dreaded sight of seeing Jermain Jenas line-up against Los Blancos dampened the spirits slightly. Another dodgy Lasagne?

It was a bitter blow to concede so early. Conceding from a corner that should never have occurred. Modric grounded to the floor on half way for only the referee to wave play on and, 40 seconds later, we find ourselves already one down. I also didn't appreciate the consistent body checking on Bale from Ramos who managed to slip away from a yellow card which would've incurred a suspension for the return leg next week.

I still find myself asking the question as to why we insisted on giving Madrid so much space 18 yards from Gomes' net; why we didn't double up on Ronaldo or Di Maria and allowed Madrid to roll the ball in front of us in such strong areas of the field. How do we find ourselves in the Champions League quarters yet concede two goals that even school boys would be disappointed in conceding? How can we defend so poorly after 3 consecutive clean sheet (admittedly against weaker opposition)?

You could see the hunger in Crouchy's eyes; I suppose there's a first for everything. He seemed so resolute in the short time he was on. But then the idiot got himself sent off. Although I don't single out just Crouch at all for the defeat, it certainly contributed. The game plan out the window before the games started and Spurs left to wonder how 15 minutes into the game and Lennon and Crouch aren't on the field.

Another defender lost in the shape of Charlie capped off, in Gallas' words, the 'worst night.' We weren't good enough and we didn't help ourselves.


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