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Friday, 29 April 2011

Cup Final Day

And it's not looking to promising. After this weekend we could find ourselves 7 points short of Citeh with the ground we stand on becoming increasingly more hollow as Liverpool keep their eyes firmly fixed on 5th spot.

Chelsea. Away. The annoying thing is now they genuinely believe they're still in the title race and are not the same side that Sunderland turned over 3-0 in West London. We've pretty much handed ourselves a coach ticket to next year's Europa League and we'd have to pull a hell of a rabbit out the hat to stand any chance of riding first class in Europe's elite competition next year.

Had we finished off West Brom last week I'd still feel we were in a good position to challenge Citeh for 4th but, of course, we gave Cox the freedom of White Hart Lane to pick his spot.

My prediction? We look flat, lack the hunger and desire that we'd boasted in the last year or so and the players seem resigned to excepting their fate. 3-0 blues. It's the brutal reality that we're playing a side in top form when we've just found ourselves on a downhill slope made of ice.


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