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Saturday, 23 April 2011

All wrong

At a point where we'd given ourselves a fantastic opportunity in which to overtake Manchester City in 4th, however momentarily; we've once more quite incredibly packed it away, thrown it in the bin and watched it depart for a landfill site.

We brought on our own downfall. Sloppy at the back. No real momentum from Wednesday and, in comparison, half the boys looked as though they'd turned up expecting to enjoy the day in the sun at the Lane instead of being paid to do their job.

The injury to Ekotto inside the first 5 minutes, I do believe, helped play its part in the game. Bale looked in two minds about prioritising attack or defence and in the end failed to excel in either. I still pose the question over why Lennon was thrown out onto the left. West Brom had a field day down their left flank facing Kaboul as Rafa's nature tends to bring him inside and they posed their biggest threat down this flank.

Lennon should've been put out into his usual position on the right and was ineffective on the left. Despite Pav scoring before half time, he was still sloppy with his chances and should've made way for Lennon soon after half time. He looked off balance, failed to read the game and link up well with any of the midfield or Defoe.

Defoe hardly got going throughout the game but still managed to find the net finally, only to see his effort cancelled out with 10 or so minutes remaining. We failed to close down West Brom and allowed them to play their game in front of our 18 yard box. We looked nervy at the back and no one looked willing to stick in the challenges.

We looked flat and exhausted. We gave away to much space. We were outnumbered on the right for large periods of the game and it's cost us 2 points. We've probably just about given up 4th, Monday's result depending.


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