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Saturday, 30 April 2011


I'm rarely drawn to blog at half time but after the wall took some beating I feel it necessary to take out my rage in a more productive manner.

Half time approaches and we've got our tactics spot on. Couldn't fault anyone. In my opinion we've more than matched Chelsea and were successfully shutting down their one dimensional play. Then, once more, the man in the middle has to spoil it; well, rather the guy running up and down on the touchline.

Gomes stops the ball on the line but, unsurprisingly, Chelsea are given a get out of jail free card as the goal is wrongly awarded. No one's 100% and the linesman decides to give it from the reaction of the prawn sandwich brigade who finally make themselves heard.

How ridiculous.

The ball wasn't over, we'd played a brilliant first half but of course one man has to ruin that.


The second half came and you could see that Frank's 'goal' really knocked the life out of the side. You could almost see another Chelsea goal coming although, Frank, I do disagree. You didn't deserve it. Only one side scored a legitimate goal in this game and that was not Chelsea.

Chelsea struggled to come up with any meaningful ideas and Gomes was hardly tested significantly in the second half.

Salt was ground into the wounds as Chelsea stuck the ball in the net once more and the linesman's flag remained down by his side. The amount of money invested in this sport and yet still not a penny invested into goal line technology in the Premier League.

Although, I hate how we've almost handed City 4th. Our record against the teams in the bottom half of the Premier League is exceptionally poor. But, should we keep hold of the bulk of our squad (which i do expect we will) and trim down the fringes, I do believe we can mount another challenge for Champions League Football.

Sandro to be regularly playing alongside Modric next season will be key. Today showed the fantastic potential these two have in the heart of the Spurs midfield and with a half decent striker that can hit the target for next year, we're fully capable of pushing for it again.

Id also push through a 4-3-3 next year as this would suit the type of players we have at the club

Where's this karma we're owed after Mendes' goal at Old Trafford then?


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