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Monday, 11 April 2011

Let's shut it

The Ade chant. Yeah, the one about his dad and elephants. It's not pleasant. Although why, after seemingly tolerating it for years, the bloke decides to raise it after our calamity in Madrid when it's almost a dead cert that we are one of a few clubs that have chanted about his family.

I don't like it and it's clearly not working as the former Arsenal-hero-turned-villain man can't stop scoring against us. We show great love and pride when supporting the lilywhites, home or away, and there are far better ways to support the club than aim a pointless chant at one of the opposition players.

I fail to see the point. It only seems to spur the guy on to continue hitting the back of our net. Let's not give the FA a stupid excuse to get Spurs into trouble, it's not worth it. There are more effective ways to support our boys and that's what we should be doing. We need to get fully behind the boys on Wednesday if, more than anything, for pride and even if (when) we don't qualify if we could win the game it would give us a real boost for the remains of the business end of the season.


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