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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Rossi Blow.

Giuseppe Rossi. Never heard of him? Then you've had your head stuck in the sand for the last year or so. 'Arry slapped him with the usual 'top top player' quote and since then we've been chasing him like he's the woman of our dreams but may just be a stretch to far.

Our chances to have him sporting the lilywhite next year appear to have faulted as Rossi's agent confessed he was interested in a move to Juve. 'old on. they didn't even make Europe did they? Here's what his agent had to say:

"Juventus are a top club for their history, for the people who run it and for their future ambitions.

"It's clear that their present penalises them seeing as they won't be playing in Europe next season. But their appeal remains intact. Let's say they are like a beautiful woman who just needs to go to the hairdresser.

"It's a possible avenue and the directors are keeping themselves informed. We are talking about an Italian player who reminds people a little of Alessandro Del Piero.

"The important thing for Rossi is to go to a top club that would welcome him. If it's not a top club then he'll stay at Villarreal.

"Giuseppe wants to evaluate everything carefully, he knows that a decision on where he plays next year is a fundamental one for his career."

So it does seem Rossi is out of our clutches. Maybe 'Arry could carefully explain how we're going to win the Premier League next year, shove a few notes in his pocket and give him a firm hand shake. A decent player but Levy would lose his hand trying to dig so deep in his pocket to stump up the cash.


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