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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Is 'Arry mad?

So, on the day of my birth, 'Arry's spoken once again. Aside from the usual M****c gossip which has taken more twists and turns than a barrel of snakes and after currently cooling from the initial heartbreak of Modders confessing he wanted out of N17, it now appears that 'Arry & co are chasing a loan deal for an old Enemy.

Emmanuel Adebayor. Well, he's one player we know all about. He's scored against us enough to know that he can hit the back of the net. Ade's currently having to scrape a living, having to feed off a reported £175k a week. How's these players make a living on a pittance really doesleave me clueless. It must be the love for the game.

"He is a name that was mentioned and I spoke to the chairman about the player, about the possibility of loaning him, but whether they [City] would loan him I don't know," Redknapp said.

"If they would loan him he would be of interest. He is a quality player. We will wait and see."

It's already public news that the Togolese forward would fancy a move to the Lane. Well, he's hardly best mate's with the boys across the road now anyway. It's like a relationship that ended fairly badly and since then things have only hit rock bottom.

Vote in our poll! Would you like to see Adebayor sporting the lilywhite next season? My fingers are still crossed that a deal for Vucinic can be wrapped up. Would I take Ade? As a last resort. If it's a loan then why not, he's better than what we have.

Would you have Adebayor playing in a Spurs shirt?
Yes - Get him in at all Costs
Yes - Only if it's a loan
Yes - Only if it's a last resort
No - Stay well away and look at other options
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