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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Messi set to sign with King, Daws, VDV, Bale and Lennon to be sold

Afternoon all.

Well we all had a nice surprise to wake up to today didn't we? I don't personally buy the Sun newspaper. If I wanted to read fiction I'd simply visit my local library and pick out a novel, possibly Thomas Harris' classic The Silence Of The Lambs would be a preferred choice. Jolly good read that.

But we all awoke to the news that another Spur in the form of skipper Daws was apparently unhappy that he wasn't earning enough penny's to make a living. The report stated that an, ahem, insider said Daws felt 'under-valued' at Spurs. This 'insider' must have had a right old chuckle when he saw this published today and probably used the cash he was given to make this statement to pay a visit to Arsenal's club shop.

As Levy was on his way to stick Daws into the same cell as Luka before throwing away the key, the reports were strongly denied. Surprise surprise. I think this story was taken with less than a pinch of salt at most and any concerns were simply non-existent.

I understand that journo's, like the rest of us, have to make a living. But really? It was an abysmal story with little substance.

Sleep easy tonight.


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