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Monday, 11 July 2011

Modric 'happy at Spurs'

Oh how things change quicker than Chelsea's boss in this football lark these days. Numbers in a bank account blind loyalty, turn heads and suddenly it only takes a few extra quid to realise a dream nowadays. If Danny Blanchflower could see the current stance of modern day football he'd turn in his grave.

This Modric debacle's already taken more twists than 1995's The usual suspects and doesn't look like finishing off any time soon; although at this moment in time, the ending seems to be taking more of a bleak outlook.

This is what Modders agent said. Noted June 17th 2011:

"He's happy at Spurs. Any offer that comes for him, it's up to the decision of Tottenham Hotspur if they want to reject it or accept it. We have a great partnership with Tottenham and there's not been activity on our behalf that we would do on our own."
He added: "Everything is in coordination with Spurs, and it's all up to the chairman, Daniel Levy, to decide. [Luka's] under contract, he's happy there, he's willing to try to win the Premiership with Spurs and play Champions League [the] next season. He loves the Champions League experience."

So not even a month has past us by and Modders is barely back at Spurs lodge. The next turn in this never-ending-story-like saga? He's reportedly now willing to hand in a transfer request. I guess he enjoyed soaking up the sun on Roman's yacht, sipping fine champagne whilst counting the millions he'll be making each year playing for the Cheats.

A player that shone with so much dignity and respect has finally shown his true colours. He has no one to blame for this but himself. He cannot brand Levy as 'arrogant' for fighting to keep hold of his own employee. Were we expected to just roll over?

It's ironic that this was the player held in very high regard amongst us as fans, not only as a magician with a football but a genuine level headed bloke as well. Loyalty is a term lost in football and it's sad that a contract is no longer worth the paper it is written on.

He should be thankful he has the opportunity to sit in the stands every week. We fork out hundreds, even thousands to do that. He'd be taking home a cushty wage and get to cheer on the mighty Spurs

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