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Friday, 15 July 2011

Quotes and a shot of Sandro after surgery.

Day's haven't been to bright of late have they? It's hardly been a storm hitting N17 but more of a grey skyline the last month or so with a light shower here and there.

I once read a few of us were slightly appalled at seeing Sandro warming the bench of Brazil at the Copa America. Sick of the sight at seeing one of our more consistent performers not making the grade and the first 11 for their country.

Well eat your words quicker than ya match day chips. Spurs revealed that Luka's partner in crime in the heart of our midfield has been sidelined for 3 months. So we have one player who wants out, and one that can barely walk. It's ok, I'm waiting to wake up as well.

Sandro tweeted before surgery that he was "going to the operating room now" and to "cheer for me guys."

Post-surgery and our boy said he felt "fine already" and "thanks." Not a man of many words. Maybe he underestimated the character allowance on Twitter.

Anyway, not quite the pre-season we had planned. I'm guessing it's not all going swimmingly for Levy & co as well.


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