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Saturday, 2 July 2011

Mission: Get Llorente In. Now.

With regards to Spanish football, I'm quite lucky. Every now and then I stick on La Liga in the comfort of my living room or catch the odd snippet from Aguero, Ronaldo or the like on SSN. So why, why are you lucky my friend? you may jump to ask.

Well, believe it or not, I have friends which are not Spurs fans. Pause for gasps. Yes it is true. In fact, I have one close friend who lives and breaths Spanish football. He follows it as if it were his own livestock. He's own flesh and blood. If I didn't know any better I'd have called him the son of one Guillem Balague. So, when it comes to anything Spanish, I'd like to get his opinion.

"Llorente" I asked. "I see Spurs may be in for him again, what say you on this possible move" the following was his response:

The main thing you have to appreciate when talking about Llorente is that Bilbao only play basque players that are born in a certain area in northern spain, for them to finish in europa league is phenominal with the limited amount of players they have to choose from.

Llorente is a massive, massive part of that, and i dont know if its something spurs have a big problem with but the amount of first goals he gets during games so like the 'break through' goal is incredible, theyd be no where without him, pretty sure he was only 2nd to messi in that department and also very high up the top scorer chart.

Lacks a bit of finesse but his finishing is very very good and aerially suberb, theres plenty of good headers of the ball in spain but would struggle to think of many better than him in the EPL good decision making in terms of whether to go for goal or hold up play/nod it down/pass it on. If crouch is good at getting the best out of van der vaart then llorente would be incredible, as much as i love crouch hes pretty poor in the air for someone that tall but llorente uses the ball very well plus is good on the deck.

Buy out clause is €35mil but i cant remember the last time a buy out clause was met in spain, plus they dont apply to english clubs so would probably cost you a bit closer to 20 id imagine 25 probably.

Also one little extra bit, very premier league ready, was watching bilbao v valencia earlier in the season and david navarro went up and gave him one of the worst elbows youll ever see, navarro went down like he was dead, literally, it actually worried my for a bit his eyes where rolling back and everything but on the replay you could see nothing could of happened and he was being a c***, llorentes head was spewing out blood, went and got bandaged up came straight back on, would not worry for a second about him coping with the premier league.

Take the response with as much credibility as you may wish, but I'm sure for many it will confirm what you may already have known. So, my thoughts are confirmed. I knew the boy was good and I'd back my instincts to go all out to get him.

Your thoughts would be very welcome.

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