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Monday, 18 July 2011

'Arry drops Levy threat

Well it has been a patient summer, to say the least. Correct, I was careful with my use of words there. After witnessing the capture of a keeper who's already looked into local care homes and a younger forward who failed to make the grade at Barca and fell short of a earning a contract at Chelsea, patience really has been giving a new definition.

It wouldn't have come to an immediate surprise that many of us expected to see a world class forward at the Lane. But hey, who'd have thought that these guys see Champions League and a starting wage of a six figure sum every week a minimum for them to kick a ball about wearing the lilywhite. This, whilst at the same time we expected to see an endless queue of clubs all on their knees desperate to take the likes of JJ, Robbie, Hutton, Bentley and the like off our hands. Who'd have thought eh, who'd have thought.

Sell all the 'deadwood' and everything will be triffic. I don't have enough fingers and toes to count how many times I've heard that said. So, 'Arry's made another plea for Spurs to show more 'ambition'.

"If he [Modric] goes, he weakens us and if you start letting your best players go who knows where we will finish up."

"We have to show the ambition to keep these players, your Lukas, your Rafas, your Gareth Bales." Said Redknapp to Sky Sports News.

Zoom in, crop and read between the delicate lines in this short statement and it's clearer than glass what this message reads: Bring one or two top players in otherwise our heroes, the ones chanted from the Park Lane, will soon enough leave their signature on a contract with a new club, blinded by the numbers they see printed. Oh, sorry, I meant the ambition of these other clubs. This leaving us eating mid-table scraps and fighting a battle we are all to familiar to.

Sorry, that wasn't quite cropped but you get the message.

It's not panic time.. just yet.


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