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Thursday, 21 October 2010

Thoughts on Milan

So the first half. It looked men against boys, it was men against boys. The lack of fight, desire and general interest from our lads was incredibly frustrating. No one seemed interested to play football and, instead, we decided to just sit back and watch Inter tear us to pieces.

With nothing to lose we looked more interested in the second half. We put up a fight and did well with ten men. Gareth Bale must have endured a bitter sweet feeling as he left the field with a hattrick and revived some respect for us that was so quickly lost inside 14 minutes.

It's a shame the referee saw to only add on two extra minutes of added time. You would've thought three goals and five substitutions would have enabled more. Definition of bottle job if you ask me, next to Howard Webb that is.

But anyway, thankfully in two weeks time Van der Vaart will be back and the thought of Cudicini between the sticks it not such a terrible one.

Your thoughts?