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Thursday, 28 October 2010

Why Spurs can win on Saturday

Now I'm not the most optimistic fan you'll ever meet although casting a mind back to last season I do, like many thousands of football fans out there, believe we would have taken all three points over United weren't it not for the man in black.

Howard Webb bottled it. We know it. He knows it. But, thankfully, he will not be taking charge of Saturday's game. So, let's hope that Mr Clattenburg doesn't full to the pressure of many United 'fans' that will be seated in Old Trafford when decisions don't go their way.

The non-existance of Mr Webb at this fixture is music to the ears. Music that brings a sense of happiness to us. Although, this season, we have two players wearing the cockerel on their chest that could turn this game in faviour of us. No prizes of predicting who in the sense of our Dutch supremo Rafa and a rejuvanted young Welshman that would can cause more problems than Hicks and Gillet to a football side.

On top of these factors, the absence of Rooney can only be a good thing and hopefully the defence can handle our former miserable Bulgarian up front with Hernandez, should he take part.

Oh, and here's the goal from the last time we beat United. Courtesy of Pedro..