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Monday, 8 November 2010

Peter Crouch

As far as frustrating strikers go, Crouchy has fallen between Sergei Rebrov and Helder Postiga in the lillywhite. Scoring about as often as Ashley now does with Cheryl, and taking 10 attempts to knock a shot on target, for a player that tops 6 ft 7 inches the persistent fouling that his game brings is always immediately followed by a depressive sigh, and shouts of "For f*ck sake Crouch" are nowadays typical.

No heart. No passion. Never a drive to get on the end of the final ball. He even applauds us when we sing for Pavlyuchenko. Holding up the ball still seems a skill lacking in Crouch's very thin armoury as he is battled off the ball more often than not.

Ok, so he's assisted VDV with a few of his goals but I blame the immediate emergence of VDV is from his personal and extensive skill set and I'm convinced that he would've been just as successful playing with any other forward. The guys pure class.

We aren't scoring enough goals but the chances have been there. Even Harry said we had enough chances in Bolton but there was no end product for 80 minutes.

2 weeks? We need Jermaine back for Sunderland.