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Monday, 22 November 2010

Redknapp hints at transfers

So we beat Arsenal and suddenly talk of winning the league resurface; that wasn't the case after the Wigan or West Ham game this season I'm sure of that. Maybe one day, but not just yet. I guess there's no shame in aiming high but if fourth place was offered right not we'd bite your 'ands off for it.

I do struggle to find any real areas of our team that are in desperate need of strengthening. I assume that is why 'Arry only wants to 'tweak' the squad; no Benzema then?
"I am looking to bring people in this January," said Redknapp. "We need to tweak it to finish it off.
"There's one or two other bits we could do, without spending a fortune, that could make a difference to the team.
"We've a new training ground coming, the club's in good shape and we can go forward.
"Tottenham have got a title in them in the next few years. I genuinely feel that - why shouldn't I?
"It's there for someone to pull off a surprise and our win at Arsenal gives us great confidence."

It'll be interesting to see what Redknapp does this New Year. No area screams out at needing strengthening, but I guess it's useless trying to second guess 'Arry anyway.

Where would you 'tweak' the squad this January?


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