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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Harry, you're wrong

Harry came out yesterday and lamented the boo boys that were heard after a disappointing point against Sunderland. Like most of White Hart Lane, the frustration ran right the way throughout the club and the fans, with a spare few letting their frustrations known.

I'm not one to ever jeer off my football team but let's see where they were coming from. Thousands of fans would've paid upwards of £50 to go and see that game which is hardly an easy expense to pay in these times. On top of that there's the rushing from a long day at work plus the time and money spent to get to White Hart Lane.

Secondly, we haven't won a Premier League game since we took 3 points at Craven Cottage and have dropped points at home to Wigan, Everton and Sunderland whilst losing away to West Ham. These are just a select few of games that we picked up maximum points from last season.

We should never be booing our side off. We're Spurs fans and should be used to the frustrating emotions that come with supporting the team; but Harry should be more considerate. With a very congested league table points, picked up at home will prove vital. The season's only a third of the way through and with Dawson, King and Defoe back we can still make the top 4.

Now for Blackburn.