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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Karim Benzema

It's been quite apparent that there has been a distinct lack of goals being scored by us this season with Crouch and Pav not finding the net as often as their salary would demand and Van der Vaart doing much of the leg-work in that area. Jermain's injury has only proved that he is our only striker that can be relied on to score consistently.

Benzema has found himself, similar to many other stars, to be keeping the benches of Real Madrid warmer as the season goes on. A frustrating year for the forward has so far only seen him inconsistently feature in 15 appearances, with not all of those coming from starting the game. A more consistent role in the first team could bring confidence and goals with it.

Don't get me wrong, optimistic would hardly touch the surface on such an audacious move but it is clear that we should be looking to bring in another forward in January. Maybe Levy could pull off another Rafa and bring the boy in, even if it was only a loan for a short period.

What've we got to lose to try?

On a more immediate note, Kranjcar starred for Croatia again. Maybe we should stick him in the first eleven more often.