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Thursday, 25 November 2010

Save our club

I'll keep this first bit brief. It's becoming more irritating as talk of us shifting home to the scum that is East London continues to drag on. Although in reality I can't see the move prevailing, it's not a comfortable thought when our interest is reported as 'deadly serious' with the number of people wanting the move being counted on one hand.

We are Tottenham. Let's keep us in Tottenham. If David Sullivan gets his hands on it, it'll be brilliant seeing West Ham turn up in front of a half empty ground every home game in the Championship.

For as much as it'll do, please sign the SAY NO TO STRATFORD HOTSPUR PETITION HERE to keep Tottenham in Tottenham.

On a lighter note, what a brilliant performance last night; although admittedly against a side that looked as though they were only there to make up numbers. Lennon looked incredibly sharp and Luka made the midfield his own.

Kaboul, Modric and finally Crouch hammered the last nail in the Werder Bremen coffin but I'm sure they were relieved they didn't fall into the Europa League.

Please choose you Man Of The Match on the right.



  1. I dont want to move to stratford any more than you.But just remember it is haringey council and david lammy who will be to blame for put up obstacles amd trying to fleece us.Where was david lammy then

  2. Breaking News.............

    Tottenham have had their plans to redevelop White Hart Lane approved by the Mayor of London Boris Johnson.

    The Mayor had the power to overturn last month's decision by Haringey Council to grant planning permission for the 56,000-seater stadium.

    But Johnson backed the council which means the £450m redevelopment of White Hart Lane will go ahead unless the government decides to intervene.

    Spurs have also registered an interest in moving to the 2012 Olympic Stadium.


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