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Thursday, 18 November 2010

RVP: Spurs are a top team

With Arsenal at their place just around the corner, Dutch forward Robin Van Persie has heaped praise on fellow countryman and White Hart Lane hero Rafael Van der Vaart for turning us into a 'top team'.

The player, that spends more time on the treatment table than taking part, told NUsport: "He (Van der Vaart) is a great footballer, I know the quality he has.

"I would rather have him at Arsenal. I indicated a couple of times that Rafael would be useful for Arsenal but that advice was not followed.

"I regret the fact he was not signed, but it is the right of the club, this is just my opinion.

"Now you can see the result. Spurs were a good team but now they are a top team".

Arsenal away is never a fixture that gets me to excited. I'd rather Blackburn at home again in all honesty. Expect Rafa to be given little room and for Bale to come inside more as he will enjoy little freedom down the flank.

I'd stick my money on Arsenal to beat us 2-1.

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