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Friday, 12 November 2010

Score predictions for Blackburn

We know what to expect. After their shock win in Newcastle that even Joey's futile punch couldn't do anything to prevent, the Lancashire side will come to the Lane on cloud 9. They'll come at us, not let us play and hope to nick the first goal.

We didn't do much wrong against Steve Bruce's men, a slip up in defence and before we knew it we were wondering how we hadn't wrapped the game up. Asamoah Gyan must've been laughing at the final whistle.

Anyway, hopefully our strikers can actually do what they're paid to do and stick the ball in the net nice and early to ease the pressure slightly. But I can't see Blackburn laying down and watching the game go by, just as I can't see our strikers scoring nice and early. But eh, you never know.

I'll go Pav 1-0. Assuming he plays.

Score predictions please.