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Monday, 22 November 2010

Harry WILL make move for Benzema

I'm sure I'm not the only one that jumped onto talkSPORT today to read 'Arry trying his best to tarnish all the rumours about Spurs making a move for Madrid's bench warmer Benzema.

There’s nothing in that," said Redknapp, speaking to Drive Time. "He’s a good player, I like him, he looks a real talent. But certainly we haven’t made any enquires at all for him. There’s definitely nothing going on there at the moment."
And Redknapp admits he will have to sell some of his fringe players if he wants to add to his squad in the transfer window.
“Before we can bring anyone in, I’ve spoke with the chairman, we need to shift one or two,” he added. “It’s going to be a case of the only way we can do any business would be to let one or two go and whatever we get in we can go and invest.”

Now all Harry has stated here is that we haven't made a move at 'the moment'. Of course not, it's November. He also suggested that he'd need to shift a few; could we let Robbie go and bring in the Frenchman then? And let's be honest, how many times has Redknapp rubbished a rumour then snapped him up 5 minutes later.

You can't second guess old 'Arry, but I'd bet my next pair of tickets on us trying to bring the boy in at some point whether in January or the summer.


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