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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

What would you do with Roman?

Roman Pavlyuchenko, a deadline day transfer at the end of summer 2008. The striker that would kick us up the league faster than West Ham fell down it, and at close to £14m we certainly were expecting it.

Ok, so he hasn't banged in the 20 goals we'd hoped but then again he hasn't played the number of games that he himself or even we were expecting and, soon enough, found himself banished to the bench with a worrying look I'm sure as he sat between David Bentley and Giovani Dos Santos every week.

Yet, still, he is a favourite among us. At times what we may have called 'quality' due to some important goals he has banged in for us. Liverpool at home jumps to mind almost as quick as the Burnley game at Turf Moor in last season's Carling Cup, but let's not go back there. Despite his openness and willing to depart Tottenham Hotspur he remains a favourite, where others would be booed and abused he is applauded as his name is chanted by ourselves.

This season has been difficult for him. Everyone wants to play especially during World cup year but of course competition on our front line is strong as it always is. So what to do with our Russian front man? The transfer window in Russia remains open and therefore a switch back to his native homeland is yet still a possibility before the summer is upon us.

Would it be wise to cash in due to the fact his playing time has become very limited and his form is likely to fall at time passes by? It seems Harry is keen to keep hold of him, but then again you can't second guess that bloke.

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