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Saturday, 17 April 2010

"Spurs can win the league"

Before Wednesday's North London derby against our foreign rivals in Arsenal our mathematical chances of claiming 4th spot shone favourably on us, although, our fixture list told a different story. With Arsenal still to come after their kicking in Barcelona and Chelsea closely following them, even our most optimistic fans may have admitted that we would come close but, resultantly, 5th spot looked to have our name printed on it.

Well what a big 4 days it has been.

I'm sure I wasn't the only one that prematurely took the assumption that we would fall short against the Arsenal, illustrating that 120 minutes at Wembley would prove to much for us to handle and, in the end, would fail to grab a result owing to masses of fatigue and injuries amongst the squad.
But still I was there, in Park Lane, block 35 next to the scum support, and witnessed a site that we haven't witnessed in the league for a fair few years.

How I loved mocking them, giving the Arsenal fans the grief that we have taken for so many years and not letting it die after the game. What a fantastic support, what a fantastic performance and what an absolutely brilliant result.

Most teams would point at the fact that 3 games inside 6 days would invite the 'tiredness' excuse, especially when those 3 games are in an FA Cup semi and against Chelsea and the scum.
I was preparing myself for this, a loss, but how Spurs like to get your blood pumping and give you that feeling of ecstasy. This was Chelsea's game, the game that would see them move 4 points clear and win the league in a few weeks. But how their misery proved our delight as we went on to consolidate another 2-1 win, even though it could so easily have been 3 or 4 or 5 or... you saw the game, I won't go on.

The satisfaction was imminent on our faces and how we will go singing all the way up to Manchester next week.

Ancelotti stated pre-match that he believes we "could challenge for the title next season"
Now, I'm not jumping to any rash conclusions, I'm far to pessimistic for that.

With City looking shaky, this is our 4th spot for the taking and we'll support them every step of the way.