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Friday, 24 September 2010

The Aaron Lennon 'problem'

I'm sure I'm not the only one that has noticed a rather more subdued Aaron Lennon this season than the one we are normally use to. The usually flamboyant winger is currently looking a shadow of our new left sided prodigy in Gareth Bale; so, what has caused such a sudden change in form?

Aaron struggled with injury towards the back-end of last season missing significant games from February to May. This was soon followed by vital remaining games in the Premier League and then a World Cup.

The World Cup hangover saw many of England's usually fine players significantly under-performing for their clubs and Aaron is no exception from this. The player that usually looks to attack the right back looks short of confidence and has noticeably held the ball up much more and prefers giving possession to another player than hug the touch line and attack the opponents goal.

Could this current form be pinned on injury and the World Cup? A player as young as Aaron needs time to rest and a steady progression back into the side. It's still early days in the season and Aaron has years ahead of him. Plus, this could also be just a lack of form that players inevitably suffer from.

So whether Aaron is taking time to find his feet and his confidence again only he knows; but all we can do is continue cheering him on for the mighty Spurs and hope for the best in the coming future. Let's give him all the support the past seasons have warranted.