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Monday, 30 April 2012

A blessing in disguise?

So we did what was needed. Well, we did more. We did what we, as supporters, wanted Spurs to do. We won a game, and well. What I loved witnessing yesterday was the evident level of urgency from the first whistle. I credit both Sandro and Luka here. They were both constantly looking to push the ball forward and with pace. Although Sandro, for me, was key. It may prove a small blessing in disguise that Parker may miss another game or two as Sandro is the type of player we need operating in our midfield in the remaining fixtures we have to play.

A player with the energy to truly play the "box-to-box" midfielder. His defensive duties are undoubted but his ability to break from midfield and beat a few players is an aspect of his game that could really prove the difference in the final three fixtures. Of course, there is a large emphasis on the word 'could.' Parker has been an inspiration alongside Luka this season, he has proved a fantastic compliment for the Croat but, of late, has looked a little fatigued and his performances have reflected this.

Sandro's energy and grit is the sort we need in the middle of midfield when we really need to grind out results. His ability to boss the midfield and keep the ball in the opposition half will hopefully pay dividends for the forwards. Yes, hopefully.

Blackburn didn't even look a side that came to pressurise us, close out the space and stick 11 behind the ball for 90 minutes. They looked a side defeated before they'd even taken the field. It was almost as though that damage limitation was top of the agenda. Their strike force was redundant as they failed to register a single shot in the entire match. I put this down partly to our brilliance at maintaining possession and Blackburn's general lack of eagerness and grit.

It was a joy to see every player playing for everyone else. Everyone seemed to want the ball again which, as I'd previously pointed out, had been something that had been lacking. Players had the confidence to play, move and push the ball forward. Of course this was a side that are probably the worst in the Premier League at the moment. But, as they say, you can only play what's in front of you. Bolton will prove a sterner test and away at a ground we haven't won at for years. My primary concern for this is our defending of aerial balls. Gallas looks incredibly suspect to a long ball towards him and this is where, if fit, King should partner Kaboul as both are far stronger in the air. The only positive I can see going away to the Reebok is the emphasis is on Bolton to try and get a win in front of their fans. It would bring a small surprise if they were to set up 11 behind the ball for the majority of the game.

But hey, this is football. Points are gold dust; 1 point is better than none for those scrapping at the bottom, but three is a must for us. Keeping a level-head, it was only Blackburn. But the performance and mentality of the players warrants a congratulations. 3 cup finals to go. Hopefully we can go to the Reebok and put out another performance like we did on Sunday.

'Hopefully.' Nothing really is certain with Spurs nowadays, is it?