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Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Conspiracies. A small mutter of one rumour propelled by, of course, an "incredibly reliable" ITK and 5 minutes later a 100,000 people have heard it, spread it and adapted it in their own way. It's almost like a mass game of Chinese no-so-whispers. I choose to ignore them and until word becomes official, I don't believe them. Does our slide in form really have to have an underlying conspiracy theory that Harry has signed for England and that our key players are more or less sold? It's like a broken record. We've heard it all before. I've lately heard 'Arry's being lined up for the San Marino job. Anyone else heard that one?


Gallas tried to pinpoint that Spurs have "run out of luck." Maybe we've been watching different sides this year but I struggle to identify where any real "luck" has played a part in what was a promising season up until late January. We were playing well and deserved to be winning games. We weren't leaving games with 3 points because of dubious decisions or good fortune, we were leaving games with maximum points because we deserved to win those games.

In truth, any real luck we have experienced has predominantly been bad. I don't need to refer to the various games. Adebayor's been on the wrong end of luck having had 4 goals wrongly disallowed and, on reflection, it has cost the club dear. The standard of refereeing has been incredibly poor and, although we have suffered at the hands of it, we aren't by far the only side which has done so. But, saying that, I don't buy this "What goes around, comes around" lark. Until we're granted goals that didn't cross the line, goals scored in offside positions or penalties wrongly awarded, I won't buy it.

Maybe I'm looking through Spurs-tinted glasses but I like to think I'm not, of course. We've hit a bad patch of form that we can't seem to get out of. In the back of my mind, and I mentioned on Twitter, that the years of disappointment has taught me that "this will go tits up at some point," my words to many others. It's incredibly rare that sides go a whole season without hitting some bad form. What happened with us is that we ran into a run of tricky fixtures where the distinct possibility of dropping points was always going to be very real.

You can read what I blame our demise on for the last two months here

I refuse to buy the conspiracy theories, the running out of "luck", 'Arry problems, player problems or anything of the like. The defeats have deflated the players, knocked them down and brought them crashing back to Earth. Mentally we look unstable. The only comforting thought is that this is football and in 90 minutes- 97 if your losing at Old Trafford- anything can happen. All we can do is hope that the players and manager have picked themselves up in time for Saturday... and they've worked on a few more set pieces.

(Try to) Keep the faith.


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