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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Stekelenburg isn't a striker.

It's a first ever here on the blog. The title cannot be argued with. Sky have reported that we are tracking   Maarten Stekelenburg of Roma, despite the 'keeper moving to Italy just a year ago.  A little surprise was my initial reaction when it first emerged we were chasing a new man between the posts but, on reflection, at most we'd get just another year from Friedel. Hugo Lloris now appears too deep for Levy's pockets and we've seemingly identified the Dutch as an alternative. That, or Levy's pulling another stunt in an attempt to drive down Lloris' asking price - cue expressions of an expectant nature. 

My concern is how keen we seem to be the bring in a new Goalkeeper and the length of time the pursuit seems to be taking. Of course, speculation is speculation, papers make their money by spreading it; we, of course, do little to dampen it. It passes the time between the end of one season and the start of another. It's more than evident that a striker should be a priority; we find ourselves currently with just one senior forward. AVB has reportedly said that we're only looking to bring in one forward, dropping the biggest hint yet that he's keen to offer Harry Kane the chance to prove himself in the Premier League. I've mixed reactions with this. I'm happy that we're willing to give our young players a chance to prove themselves but, at the same time, the lack of depth upfront could cost us. 

Many will argue against this, but I don't yet feel Kane is on our Premier League level. A loan at a club of smaller stature may have been a good option giving him the experience he requires without us personally having to take the risk. With the Adebayor deal stalling more than a learner in his first driving lesson and with Spurs having only two more friendlies before a tough trip away to Newcastle, I can't help but start to worry slightly at the lack of movement up front. 

Regarding the missing maestro in midfield, as Modric's absence from the side is becoming more and more a reality (although, unsurprisingly dragging on), I feel we have adequate, but temporary, cover to fill the void. Playing a three of Vdv, Gylfi and Sandro wouldn't be the most daunting midfield we've ever played. Although, Modric will need to be replaced upon his, seemingly, eventual sale. 

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