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Thursday, 4 October 2012

Lazy day.

We all love them. After work is more preferable. During a working day both your manager and customers are more than less likely to appreciate a half-hearted lazy attempt at doing something productive. Spurs failed to get out of 2nd gear and spent most of the evening in Athens strolling around in neutral. Of course, this was nothing on the part of the Greeks - they were predictably woeful - we just seemed failed to light any sort of spark and get going last night.

Somehow I struggle to envisage AVB telling the boys they'd walk this one. "Don't try tonight lads, the result will come." "You've beaten United so it's a certainty you'll smash this lot." Naa, don't buy that at all. The players themselves just seemed lacklustre, undeterred by the opposition and complacent. The only positive from this is that hopefully any signs of a growing ego would've been rattled and knocked a little. Villa themselves are proving a little unpredictable and turning up to that as we had last night will see all three points heading back up to Birmingham.

Contrary to what AVB says I think fatigue had little to do with last night. Of course, I know our squad's levels of fitness far better than that of our head coach. We find ourselves in the early part of October and have played the same number of games as the clubs we're directly competing with. Have we been on the pies again or have all these double training sessions left the squad tarnished? AVB could hardly admit the players weren't bothered and already had one mind on playing as themselves in the Fifa 13 Spurs Cup post-game last night; It's a little like the Emirates trophy but with a little more prestige. It's also not held at the Emirates. Results to follow.

Complacency is the last thing that should wiggle its way into a side that are still yet to hit their peak. If we genuinely want to have a real good go at the Europa League then AVB has to pass his belief onto the squad.

An unspectacular draw reflected a rare positive for the Greeks to bask in with the highlight of my night being the anticipation at 5pm of finishing work and watching Spurs play.

For it's a bland old team to play for...