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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Renewed Hope.

Tomorrow. It's all about mentality. The mental edge of the side that wins tomorrow would be more valuable than the points on the board. Hopefully a fresh breed of players will breath mental resilience. All we ask for is fight from the side. The spirit that we know has been underlying in the foundations of the side all season and brought with it a good season on the league and European front.

It's been great to see a side buy into a philosophy so quickly. This especially after the public negativity that had surrounded it in the past. Focus is fundamental. The past is a reflection of how little taking the lead in these games can mean. Thankfully we seem to be able to play the game for 94 minutes instead of 70 minutes. Of late its been delightful to see a Spurs side actually steal games with almost the last kick and id more than happily grab that with both hands tomorrow.

Bales been hitting great form. But thats what it is, form. He needs this consistency for a prolonged period of time. The past has seen him to inconsistent and subsequently ineffective in many games. When he did get involved, his influence proved almost second to none. It's great to see a player that fits into a side so effectively yet have so much impact individually.

I mentioned in an article for goal before the start of the season that this was a big year for Bale. The expectation grows each year with him and, in all honesty, he's improved every year at Spurs. He's worked on his game to become so much more than a winger for us. He's adapted to fit into a variety of positions. Last year he was given almost a free role behind the forward at times but tended to look a little lost. There was no system in place. This year he understands what's required in a number 10 role or playing left of a 4-2-3-1. He mixes up his game to come deep, hug the touch line or, least favorably, stand on the last man.

For a player that was so quiet up until November, he's a player that now fills others with confidence in their own game.

It's ironic that the defeat at the Emirates has actually had a great effect on our season. We awoke from the shell we were playing in, worked on the weaker areas of our game and became more of a unit on the pitch.

These games can make players. You expect your best players to perform in both the biggest and smallest of games. The players seem to understand the importance of the game both on and off the pitch. I always feel form goes out the window with these games and find them incredibly tough to call. Both sides have the capacity to come out victorious but it depends on who turns up on the day.

We've a tough run of fixtures awaiting us. Hopefully we can ensure that we're on hand to prevent any cracks that maybe in the pipeline on the way.

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