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Friday, 16 July 2010

The biggest surprise of the summer

After previously reading reports that Luis Fabiano was not interested in a move to Spurs, I must admit, I was hardly left gobsmacked at hearing this, and, from then on, I brushed aside any transfer rumour linking us with him. The player didn't want to come, therefore we wouldn't sign him.

Well it seems as though Luis has changed his mind quicker than a United fan changing to City. Suddenly, and with not getting his 'preferred' moves to United or Milan having ANYTHING to do with it, Fabiano has hinted that a move to Spurs may be a viable one.

He said to the Sun: "I must admit it's only in the last few weeks I have understood just how big Spurs' ambition is."

Now he hasn't exactly ran to the roof tops and shouted for a move to Spurs although reading between the lines, as I'm sure many people have done, would suggest that a move to us would be a possible option.

At 29 Luis isn't exactly the young star for the future, although having such quality in the squad for even a couple of seasons would surely benefit us and it would be a thrill to see him play at the Lane. But would Levy shed out the reported £19m Sevilla want for a player that's a stone's throw from 30?