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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Adel Taarabt rant

At first I felt this player had thorough potential, and, as time has continued by I stand by this opinion. But one of the many things Adel Taarabt is not is certainly a world beater, but his arrogance and with an ego bigger than the Premier League, he certainly feels as though he can speak like one.

Once again he has come out and stated what we have heard for atleast the last year that he wants to leave White Hart Lane, without making it so obvious this time. I think we've all dimised to the point that we no longer care what happens to Adel. Are we suppose to consider this a huge loss? He acts as though he's on top of his game and could cut it in any side, stating that he warrants a move to 'Barcelona or Real Madrid'. Somehow I don't see Ronaldo being left on the bench in place of him.

He gave a few good performances in the Championship for QPR but, like Hossam Gahly, his attitude is one that makes such a talent a waste. A pure waste. The sooner he leaves the Lane the better. I'm tired of hearing his 'big man' speak. He's not the player he thinks he is and he needs that drilling into his brain.
He needs a good kick up the arse.

Goodbye Adel. Let's hope we never have to hear of your name again.