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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Iaquinta, Pav or Keane?

Speculation took a rather unexpected twist as old media favourite Vincenzo Iaquinta looked to take a large step forward into joining us. The 30 year old's agent stated he expects to see Vin playing at Spurs next year as Harry's wheelin' and dealin' looks to see us pick up the Juve man for around 5 million quid.

But surely, should we capture the Italian then this is likely to spell the end for atleast one of Pav or Keane. So who would you rather keep hold off if given the dilemma facing Harry?

Iaquinta's Juve record last season: 18 appearances scoring 6 goals. Not a world-class goal scoring record although I am told that this bloke is a team player and maybe this could prove beneficial in our debut Champions League season awaiting us next year.

Pav's record last season: 24 appearances scoring 10 goals. Although starting the season very much on the fringes of the first team, Pav broke into the team around late February time and his goals really helped propel us to achieving fourth spot. Possibly one we should keep our hands on.

Keane's record last season: Keane's record at Spurs saw him make 25 appearances scoring 9 goals before being loaned out to Celtic in January where he enjoyed a blinding season scoring 14 goals in 16 appearances. Although, I think any Championship side would give Celtic a good game.

So, if given the choice, which player would you want playing in the lillywhite next season?