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Thursday, 9 December 2010

Harry out?

Fabio Capello has today pointed us further towards the inevitable that Redknapp could possibly takeover from the Italian in 2012.

"In this moment Allardyce and Redknapp are doing very well because they have different players, they have good style and get results with them.
"It is important for a coach to understand which type of players they manage and find the best style."

Although being a couple of years away yet, it really would be Tottenham's loss to lose a manager of Redknapp's calibre and appointing an appropriate replacement wouldn't be a job done in 5 minutes. Hopefully Mourinho will suddenly be keen to take us over by then, you never know?

Who would you have manage our team in 2012 should Redknapp leave and take the England job?



  1. 1. Owen Coyle... amazing man manager, and has the mindset for it
    2. Jamie Redknapp (He picks the team and tactics anyway)
    3. Martin Jol (love BMJ)
    4. Marco Van Basten
    5. Gus Poyet

    long shot (kevin keegan - suits the spurs mentality)

    Least favourite potential options

    1. Rafa Benitez
    2. Jose Mourinho (brilliant man, sucks at pretty football)
    3. Fabio Capello (Brilliant at continental football, but would destroy the spurs way)
    4. Chris Hughton (love a spur, but not the right man)
    5. Woy Hodgson (no no and no)

    Smiley Spud

  2. All we need to do is keep phoning up HM Revenue and Customs and tell them that Rednapp keeps getting brown envelopes. Once the press gets hold of it the FA won't employ Harry!


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