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Sunday, 5 December 2010

Striker hunt.

The first half yesterday illustrated the confidence of our side who played some very good football and made Birmingham look the away side. Our fans played their part too. Birmingham had hit a good run of form at home overcoming Chelsea and Villa not to long ago and so we knew our boys would have to earn their money's worth (if that's possible) to grab us three points.

The game also showed the danger of squandering chances. I'm not Crouchy's biggest fan but I thought he played well yesterday although threw away two or three opportunities that could've ended the game at half time. Jermain, although just returning, also failed to reminisce his clinical ability in front of goal from last season missing two good opportunities.

Just as we did to Liverpool, Birmingham punished us. The game should've been finished at half time. With Robbie expected to leave in January and with our strikers not scoring enough goals, we need to bring in a forward that will really invite a strong level of competitiveness up front. Someone that is more deadly in the box than a hitman and someone that can knock in a penalty?

Well we can all dream can't we.


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