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Saturday, 1 January 2011


Ok, awful's a strong word and I wouldn't use one as extreme as it to describe today's performance; but we were below par and a Fulham equaliser seemed to sit imminently on the horizon. Our passing was sloppy, the shooting wasn't quite there and there seemed to be a distinct lack of spirit running through the side today. Fulham looked pumped and hungry to take something away from us although, thankfully, they had Andy Johnson playing upfront.

It was a tough site to witness another defender in the form of Hutton hobble off early on today and hopefully Vdv's substitution was purely tactical and not a forced one from Redknapp. Lennon got involved a lot more but he seemed to lack the final ball he'd found much better this season and Bale looked average to say the least but still managed to grab us a winner and his 11th goal of the season.

Fulham worked us hard but as they say, even when you don't play well good teams will still grind out a result and that's exactly what we did today. 2 wins and 6 points this season against a side that we failed to beat in the league last year and now the pressure is back on Arsenal and Chelsea to perform.

Thoughts on the game are welcome, oh, and Beckham anyone?


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  1. 2 clean sheets in a row, Dawson and Gallas / Kaboul look a great partnership. Never thought id say it, but King's days are numbered, europe only maybe ? as stability has got to be key!

    Our best football / results always seems to be when we play 2 out and out forwards, similary that is when pav looks most dangeous. This formation just doesnt suit our players. We need to possibly find a solution to play 2 up front and VDV and Modric, to get the best out these players.

    As for Beckham, would be a great bit of business, forgot all the comercial talk, which, would be benneficial to the club, it would also help raise the profile of the club a little bit more, possibly help attract bigger names in the summer window. However more importantly as mentioned above, were really missing Huddlestone, beckham could be a great option to play in that position for a couple month's till Hudd is back (end Feb), also help boost other players lke Lennon crossing etc. Would be a big boost, as well providing cover allowing us to sell at least one of Bently, Nico or Gio as will surley happen as just not getting any game time at all.

    Beckham to WHL and while were at it lets get Benzama on loan!

    Let's hope to take advantage of Evrton's poor run, and get another win midweek!


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