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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Beckham 'is a selfish pig'

Furious LA fans have reacted to the news that Beckham may once again be joining Europe during the close season of the MLS.

One irate supporter blasted on a fans' forum: "How about this selfish damn pig plays at least half the games in a Galaxy season at least once during his contract?

"How about he shows some commitment to this club to match his words?

"And how about someone at Galaxy has the balls to say 'No! You're under contract'."

Of course this doesn't reflect all the LA fans and I'm sure, just as with every club, fans are split towards and against the Beckham deal. I can understand their frustration to an extent towards the player that has featured just 55 times in 4 seasons in the MLS. Although, David loves his football and shying away from another stint in Europe would be un-characteristic and it would be hard for the management team at LA to just say 'no'.


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