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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

No tears please.

So 4 games in 11 proved to much; to take 9 points from the Christmas period was a positive run for the boys and no one can argue with 1 defeat in 12. Goodison Park is never an easy place to go. Fact. Redknapp has 1 win in 27 there and we've never really enjoyed much success there.

Today proved how Van der vaart has really driven our side into Champions League contenders for successive seasons and cried out a need for an out and out striker for the club. With Robbie set to join Birmingham in a £7m deal, I've no doubt that Redknapp will look to bring a forward in with a policy of having 4 strikers in the first team.

In all honesty the 2-2 draw last season felt more of a defeat than this one and with Chelsea also dropping points, today's defeat is not such a negative one. As long as we clear this out the system and grab a comfortable win at home to Charlton, I'm confident we'll give United the game they haven't had this season.

Still though, a long journey home to say the least.


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