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Saturday, 15 January 2011

Finally Harry

'Arry has at last broadcasted the news that he's ready to scrap the Becks deal. I was never against trying to bring Beckham in, but it would be a mistake to spend the whole of the window trying to bring in the veteran instead of focusing on trying to bring in the striker it's so evident we need.

"If it was only until February 10 that would only be a month," said Redknapp.

"To do that would be a waste of time because, by the time David got fit, it would be a couple of weeks and suddenly you'd be into February.

"I would have liked him to play, if he could have come to the end of the season it would have been great. I didn't know it was only going to be two months at best.

"When it was mentioned, I thought 'yeah, to the end of the season it would be good'. Then, suddenly two months becomes a month, and only if we got permission.

"By the time he's fit, just to throw him in for three or four games would be difficult."

So it looks as though the Beckham deal has failed. Still though, now we have a couple of weeks to move for a striker.


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