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Sunday, 30 January 2011

What A Joke

It's not a funny one. More humiliating. We made Fulham look like we were playing at United and handed them the keys to unlock our back four time and time again. Although, I don't think Phil Dowd had his best day as the man in the middle. As a Spurs fan I will be picky: for the first goal, as stupid as Hutton's challenge was, I believe there is a clear obstruction on Dawson who would've comfortably come across and knocked the ball to safety before Hutton lunged in. Mr Dowd ignored this.

The second was very harsh on us; Dembele shrugged off Dawson to pull his shot away which was smartly saved by Gomes for then Dowd to give a penalty and a red card for Daws. Either give a penalty for the initial foul before the shot is taken or play on. It was a typical coming together between Daws and Dembele in which the Fulham forward won, played on and took his shot. Daws would be the first one to hold his hands up and admit he had a sloppy game but he should felt harshly done on this occasion.

The third held no excuse. Our own poor defending cost us quite simply and let's hope it's something that we won't be seeing any more of this season and the fourth coming from a wonderful strike. Take nothing away from Fulham, they played their game and shut us up well.

The team appeared to be playing on a different wave length to each other with Bassong looking clueless at the back. Still though, a disappointing way to go out and the fact that Crawley Town have progressed further than us is a bitter pill to swallow. A disgraceful performance and one that the boys should look to get out of their system before a tricky trip to Blackburn next week.

Your thoughts?


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