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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Time's running out

So it's firm in stone that Liverpool are after Luis Suarez and Sky have reported that they're already well under way trying to get a deal sorted. If this deal does go through it would be a real opportunity lost. With Babel now involved in negotiations it would appear adamant that the club's will agree a deal then the decision will hang over Suarez whether he wants to move to a club that have taken huge backward strides and are destined for a mid-table finish.

Open ya pockets Levy! We need a striker, the United game once more proved that, with Crouch squandering a chance that even 'Arry probably would've backed his misses to score. On current position and ambition, Liverpool would be unable to compete with us; we have a fairly young squad with a very promising future ahead, although these days money talks and Liverpool may be able to offer a stronger financial incentive that ourselves.

At 23, Suarez has his best years ahead of him. If we'd taken more of our chances then our chance of actually winning the league would look a lot promising then where they sit now. With Liverpool seemingly closing in, time is running out for 'Arry to make a move for the Uruguayan and letting the player move to Anfield could prove decisive in whether we'll be playing Champions League football next season or not.

It's not often goal hungry strikers are let go in January and it's unlikely we'd get another player of Suarez's quality this term, so this move is a must.


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